Advancing in Your Job Doesn’t Have to Seem Impossible


If you’re thinking about switching careers because you feel stuck in your job, that’s understandable. After all, no one wants to be set at the same station, making the same pay, year after year.

However, you might find it’s easier to advance in your career than you think. You just need to go about it the right way. How, you ask? Simple: by following our easy tips!

Stop “All or Nothing” Thinking

Stop thinking about everything in zero-sum terms. Just because you’re not an astronaut cowboy skateboarder who makes two billion dollars a year doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

True “dream jobs” are actually few and far between. Often, they’re not even all they’re cracked up to be. Skateboarding is hard, for one thing.

Your job can be good without being perfect. And it can have its drawbacks without being “the worst job ever, literally”. This doesn’t mean you should settle for a job that isn’t paying you enough to make your bills or is treating you as disposable, of course. But you need to learn to know the difference between a job worth working at and actual “dead-end” jobs.

Keep it Positive

Dragging yourself out of bed every day, dutifully but fatalistically performing your duties, and counting the days until the weekend is no way to live.

Your boss sees this energy. It might be enough to keep you around, but you’ll never climb to a higher station of responsibility (or pay) with this mindset. We know it can be tough to break out of these workplace doldrums. However, you’d be surprised at what doors open when you do.

Be Honest

If your manager is competent, you should feel safe being honest with them. Let them know how you feel about your current position at the company.

Maybe you’re not making enough since the cost of living has gone up. Maybe you feel like you’ve taken on enough new responsibilities for a raise. Don’t just sit with that and stew over it! Bring it to your boss.

A decent manager will help you achieve your goals. They’ll give advice on how to push forward with the company, what you need to do to advance.

A poor manager will use a promotion as a carrot on a stick. How your manager reacts to honesty can show you whether a job is worth keeping. If they use your ambitions as a cudgel to badger you with, you know it’s time to move on.