There are countless tips and tricks available to help you find your dream job. But amid all the advice, there are some basic rules that can get lost in the crowd. If you ignore them, you might be the one lost in the crowd of employable applicants in a competitive job market.

Get on LinkedIn

In today’s job hunting market, 90% of company recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary recruiting resource. If you are a professional, especially a professional in need of fresh employment, you need to be on LinkedIn. Seriously, this is not debatable. Having a glowing and updated LinkedIn profile can help recruiters find you. So, get on there and make your resume available to any recruiters who are looking for someone like you.

Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles are Not Set in Stone

Remember, your resume and LinkedIn profile are fluid. Yes, you always put your accurate employment history and job skills. But a smart approach is to cater your resume to the position you are looking for. Modify your wording to highlight aspects of a previous job or current skill to make it the best fit for the job description you are seeking.

Be Likeable

This may seem obvious, but there are a lot of factors which go into choosing a new employee. Employers want workers who are reliable, polite, honest, polished, and professional. However, they also want someone they will enjoy working with. Embody all of the above characteristics employers look for, but also allow some of your own personality and charm to shine through.

Don’t be afraid to use original wording or sprinkle in some information about you as a person, not just you as an employee. Don’t overdo this approach, however, because too much sharing can be just as unhelpful as not enough. Practicing an interview beforehand, but not memorizing and reciting cookie-cutter answers is the best approach to nailing the interview and landing the job.

Be Thankful and Courteous

No matter how the interview goes, sending a thank you note or well-thought-out email to the people who interviewed you is a sure way to help them remember you. Waiting two to twelve hours is recommended. Before that time frame, you might seem too eager (and possibly annoying). Waiting too long can make you seem the opposite. Sending a prompt, personal thank you will help the recruiters see how polite you are and how much you truly care about the job.