Career Advice to Improve Your Work Life Instantly

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At least one quarter of your life is spent at work.

That’s why making your career more satisfying and fulfilling is so important. It could lead to a major improvement in your life.

Here are a few pieces of career advice to help improve your work life, regardless of your chosen career.

Set Boundaries Early

It doesn’t matter how much you like your job or coworkers–a work-life boundary is incredibly important.

Especially when we first start a new job, it can be easy to ditch boundaries in an effort to make a great first impression. You know what I’m talking about: you show up early, work through lunch, and answer work emails 24 hours a day–even from home. Eventually, you’ll be expected to perform like that forever.

Establish boundaries from the get-go. You shouldn’t slack off or underperform, but you still need to keep a balance. When you clock out, really clock out. This will keep you from burning out. You can respond to work emails when you are back at work.

Be Kind to Everyone

Look, no one wants to work with a jerk.

Keeping a good relationship with your coworkers and your superiors is going to make office life a lot easier. I don’t mean that you need to suck up to your boss, but you should at least be cordial with everyone around you.

Not only will this make your time at work smoother, but you never know when you might need help, or if a coworker might end up being your supervisor one day.

Besides, you’d be surprised just how much everyone gossips. Eventually, you’ll discover that everyone knows everyone. They might not always talk about your accomplishments, but they’ll likely mention your attitude.

Don’t Stop Learning

Learning new skills can help you get better at your job or help you stay relevant in an ever-changing field. Performing your job better will boost your confidence and make you feel better.

Eventually, continued education could even mean a promotion or a raise, too.

You don’t need to stick with career-specific learning, either. Learn to network more efficiently, or improve your communication skills.

Keep the Receipts

Keep track of all your accomplishments at work, your growth, continued learning, and even the things you’ve failed at. Make sure your resume stays updated, too.

By keeping the receipts, it’ll make preparing for a performance review much easier.

But most importantly, it’s going to make it much easier when you sit down and ask for a raise. When your boss looks across the table and asks why you deserve it, you’ll be prepared!