No one likes hearing career advice that just doesn’t make any sense. Someone tells you to make a video resume, while someone else swears by meeting executives in a natural setting. While a good resume and active networking are both pivotal, gimmicky career advice is best saved for clickbait articles.

What you need is career advice that actually makes sense for normal people.

Well, the good news is that you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re looking at some of the top tips that experts recommend for people trying to land a real career. Here are the things you should be doing today to score that job you want.

Make Realistic Goals

Odds are good that you’re not getting the corner office with glass walls overlooking the city by tomorrow. If you are, good on you! But, for everyone else, it’s a good idea to stay realistic about your prospects. Making realistic career goals can help you to make achievable checklists for where you want to be in your career.

The most important thing is a clarity of vision. Do you want to be an IT technician? There are programs that will get you on your way. Do you want to become a graphic designer? Focus on that dream and achieve goals that will get you closer to landing the job you want. Without clarity, you’ll just be aimlessly putting in applications and getting frustrated that you get rejected.

Your Image

When you’re interviewing for a job, you’re trying to sell yourself to a company. Make sure you have an image that you’re keeping up. Whether your love or hate your current job, keep in mind that your performance reflects on your image. When a potential employers calls past managers and asks about you, you want them to corroborate your own statements about your image.

Make sure you’ve got a strong grasp on your own career path up to this point. What have you done? What have your actions done for the companies you’ve worked for? In what ways are you improving your skills and becoming ever more adept in your field? These are questions you need to have answers ready for.

Apply with Confidence

Don’t let strict application guidelines stop you from applying for a job you know you’re a fit for. Maybe you have four years of experience in a field, not five like the application wants. That’s not a deal breaker if you know you’re the person for the job. Apply with confidence, sell yourself, and land the job you know you’d be great in.

Attitude, work ethic and a bit of confidence can all go a long way. Good luck in your job search!