Common Job Benefits You Should Look for in an Employer


When you’re hunting for a job, sometimes it pays to be picky. If you’re not hurting for a paycheck and you’re just looking to move up in the world, you can be discerning about your next position.

But, how will you know which job is right for you? Well, that depends on a number of factors. However, benefits are a good way to measure whether a job will be worth your time.

Paid Time Off

This is a huge one. It’s vitally important that your job offers paid time off, or you’re likely to be miserable. Fighting for time off only to have that time be unpaid is absolutely awful. When you’re applying to work at new jobs, make this a big point in your questions about the company. Is there PTO? How much does each worker get? What are the expectations for how far in advance you need to put in time-off requests?

Ideally, you should have at least two weeks of PTO from a company. If your current job is not offering that, look for a job that does. In the modern era, the idea of a job that expects its employees to never have vacations is laughable. You’re not a robot, you need your vacation time! Don’t be ashamed of taking some time for yourself.


In the US, this is, unfortunately, a huge one. If you don’t get healthcare from your employer, you’re likely to struggle to find decent coverage. This is the sad reality of the American medical system. While no one is happy about it, it’s what we’ve got. So, when you’re applying for jobs, make sure you figure out what kind of healthcare they offer.

Ideally, you want a job that offers at least basic health insurance. Bonus points if they’ve got dental and vision, too. In either case, if you come across a job that has poor health benefits or simply avoids making any workers full time, so they don’t have to have benefits, avoid it like the plague.


A great indicator that a company wants to take care of its employees is a company 401K match. Retirement benefits are huge, as they can help you to make the most of your savings.

Things like a match to your contribution function as free savings and can come in huge when you want to retire. Having more to invest with makes it that much more likely you’ll get to retire comfortably.