Ditch the Office: Real Work-From-Home Opportunities

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There are plenty of reasons why more and more people are switching to work-at-home positions instead of the traditional job. Perhaps you’re tired of commuting, or you don’t do well with office distractions. Others like having flexible hours or more time to spend with loved ones.

Whatever the reason, a quick search online for work-from-home positions could wind up discouraging you. There are plenty of scams and schemes out there to wade through while trying to find that elusive job.

However, if you think you might excel working from home, there are real jobs that you can do from the comfort of your couch (or home office). Here are some great work-from-home job opportunities available out there, to get you started on your job search!

Typing Jobs

If you’re proficient with a keyboard and can type fast (at least 40 WPM), here are some work-from-home positions that might be a great fit.

  • Data Entry – Training is minimal for data entry jobs. However, you’ll likely need to prove that you’ve got quick typing skills with minimal mistakes before you snag the position.
  • Legal, Medical, or Law Enforcement Transcriptionist – A transcriptionist needs to be able to listen and type quickly at the same time with minimal mistakes. Legal, medical, and law enforcement fields all rely on transcriptionists. Depending on which field you choose, you’ll need to learn the related terms or codes.

Writing Jobs

Much like typing jobs, writing jobs require fast typing skills. However, you’ll also need great spelling and grammar skills to excel in these positions. These are great for those who might want more of a creative position, instead of just data entry.

  • Copy Editor – If you excel at spotting spelling and grammar mistakes, checking facts, and are good at research, try your hand at a Copy Editor job.
  • Freelance Writer – You don’t necessarily have to have any degree or formal training to become a freelance writer, but you do have to be good at writing, of course. You’ll probably have to submit a sample of your writing when applying for this kind of position.

Phone Jobs

Most phone jobs require that you have a dedicated landline for work. You’ll also need minimal noise in the background, so this might not be the best fit for stay-at-home parents with small kids who like to be loud.

  • Telemarketer – This job usually only requires minimal training, but it’s not a job for everyone. You’ll likely spend your day making cold calls. But, if you think you’ve got what it takes, it could be lucrative.
  • Customer Service Representative – This position doesn’t have a lot of training, either, but it does usually require product knowledge. You might wind up dealing with disgruntled customers a lot, but at least you won’t have to cold call anyone.
  • Dispatcher – If you’re looking for something a little more interesting, working as a dispatcher for taxis, trucks, or even police.

Education Jobs

If you’ve got a knack for helping people and have an interest in teaching, did you know that you could still work from the comfort of home?

  • Online Tutor – If you’ve got a firm grasp on particular subjects, try your hand at tutoring kids (or adults) online. You’ll find it even easier to pick up tutoring gigs if you’ve got a degree in the subject.
  • ESL Teaching – If you acquire an accredited Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate, you can teach English without ever leaving your house.