Do You Need to Quit This Job? The Grass is Always Greener


You know the old saying. “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence,” it goes. Maybe you’ve been thinking about quitting your current job and diving into a new career field. Do you need to quit this job, though? Are you simply wishing for a change of scenery, even though your job is actually good for you?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you’re considering quitting your job. Hopefully these will help you narrow down what you really want. Remember: no job is perfect, but, with the right attitude, you can make any career your own.

Are You Not Making Enough?

While you might think what you want is a new job, what you might just need is better pay. Maybe you like your job and just need a bit more money to help you feel like you’re doing alright in your field. This is common!

A common reason employees leave a job behind is that they aren’t making enough money. However, you might not need to leave your current job to address this issue. Do you get annual raises, or are raises on a case-by-case basis? You could consider bringing up your issue with wages to your employer. Asking for a raise doesn’t have to be stress-inducing!

Is Your Manager the Problem?

Another saying goes “good employees don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses”. It’s totally possible that you would love the job you’re doing were it not for your manager.

Maybe they micromanage you, or maybe they play favorites in a way you’ve seen plainly. In this case, it can be tempting to tell them to fill your position, in so many words.

However, this might not be your only option. Have you considered requesting a transfer to another department that would bring a change of manager? Go to your manager, or even over their head, and bring up your concerns.

Combating Boredom

Other times, employees want to leave a job because they’re straight-up bored. This is understandable. If you do anything long enough, you’re sure to grow tired of it. However, this is likely the easiest issue to fight without switching jobs.

Let your manager know you’re feeling stagnant and ask for some new responsibilities. Your boss doesn’t want you burning out (if they’re a decent boss, at least) and they’re likely to work with you. Don’t just toss this job away: work with it and try to make it a job you can love!