Psychological Tips to Help You Ace that Job Interview

Make Eye Contact

This is one of the single most important things you should do during a job interview.  You want to connect with the person interviewing you, and you want to promote confidence.  People also tend to rate people who make consistent eye contact as being more intelligent.

Wear a Mood Outfit

Depending on the type of job you’re interviewing for, you might want to try matching up your wardrobe to fit what type of image you’d like to project.

  • Blue:  will suggest that you’re a team player
  • Black:  will suggest that you have leadership potential
  • White:  will suggest that you’re organized
  • Red:  will suggest that you’re powerful
  • Gray:  will suggest that you’re logical
  • Brown:  will suggest that you’re dependable

If you’re the creative type, try green, yellow or purple.  If not, you should avoid these colors.

Find Something in Common

If you want the best chance of leaving a good impression, try to find something in common with the person conducting the interview.  Work it into the conversation to show the interviewer that you share common values and interests.

Take Note of Their Age

The interviewer’s age can play a big role in how you should answer any questions.  If they are older, you should tailor your answers to show that you’re loyal and value commitment – and that you’re a hard worker.

If they are younger, you should use visuals and emphasize creativity, along with the ability to think out of the box.

10:30am on a Tuesday is Best

You should try to schedule interviews for this time because it is likely to be the best time for your interviewer.  They’ve already dealt with the hassles of Monday, and it isn’t so early that they might still be preoccupied with other tasks.

You never want to be the last person interviewed on a given day, and the earlier in the week, the better.

Be Expressive!

Whatever you do, don’t let yourself sound like a robot when answering questions.  Companies are much more likely to hire someone who shows energy, and who speaks faster over someone who seems bored and slow.