Job Hunting Tips that You Never Thought of


Do you ever see good advice or life hacks that you never thought of and say “that’s so obvious! Why didn’t I think of that”? We’ve all been there! Today, we’re giving you some advice you probably would have never realized about job hunting. From simple tips to major advice, we’ve got you covered when it comes to job hunting.

Remember: persistence is everything. Keep your chin up, and stay on the hunt for the job you want. The worst thing they can do is say no. Let’s get into it!

Get Help with Your Resume

Unless you’re a professional designer, you could stand to get some help with your resume. If you are a professional designer, you could probably make a tidy sum helping job hunters with their resumes! The first thing a recruiter is going to notice about your resume, ironically, isn’t what’s listed, but how the document itself looks.

Picture yourself as a recruiter looking at two resumes. Both are qualified candidates, both have good backgrounds, and both have relevant experience. One, however, has a very plain resume that was made in a word processer. The other has a resume that is striking and professional. Which one would you be more likely to call in for an interview?

Think About Your Goals

What kind of career do you want to have? If you’re just aimlessly plugging away, looking for any job at all, it will show. Your resume will reflect this, your attitude during interviews will reflect this, and your ability to find positions to apply for will reflect this. Even a bit of focus can go a long way.

If, for instance, you know what career field you want to go into, you can narrow your search. Focus on something you’re at least somewhat interested in. Your passion in that subject can carry you a long way while you’re on the hunt for a job in the field.

Don’t Just Search Online

Online job search tools are wonderful, but they’re not the only resources out there for you. Remember, you can reach out to recruiters directly with your resume. Don’t feel like you’re bothering them: it’s literally their job! By bringing a good resume to their desk, you’re actually making their lives easier.

There are also career fairs, which you can visit in-person to meet people and network. If you know people in a field, there’s nothing wrong with asking for introductions and handing people resumes. When you’re looking for a job, use every avenue to get your name in front of the right people.