Looking for a Promotion? Hard Work isn’t Everything


So, you’re looking to get a promotion? That’s understandable. Things are expensive these days, and we all need the right amount of pay to keep up with our bills. When you’re looking for a promotion, however, you need more than just hard work. Hard work is important, of course, but it’s not the only thing managers notice.

In fact, if you’re extremely dependable but quiet, your manager might not even notice all that you do. This is why hard work isn’t everything. You need to be visibly critical to the company, and show that you’re capable of taking on more responsibility.

Human Psychology

Humans aren’t perfect. We rely on constant affirmation to remind us of how important things are. As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

If you’re constantly plugging away at your work but not making a deal out of it, no one else will, either. When you keep your work fresh in your manager’s mind, however, that makes it easier for them to consider you for promotion.

Be Visible

You always do your job well. Your tasks are done in plenty of time. All of your work is top-quality, and you show up to work on time every day. In every sense, you’re a model employee. Keep note of this. Make sure your manager notices, too.

When you speak to your manager, ask for constant feedback. “How was my work this week? Am I getting here on time every day? Do you think I could take on more responsibility?”

These questions will keep your performance at the forefront of your manager’s mind. Not only that, but by taking interest in their opinion of you, you’ll make it clear to them that you care about this job. This is a clean way to make it clear to your manager that you would be a great pick for promotion.

Dress the Part

This goes hand-in-hand with making yourself visible. If you show up to work in the bare minimum of acceptable attire, you might not lose your job, but you won’t be impressing anyone.

Instead, if you dress like you’ve already got that corner office, you’ll stand out for your managers. They’ll take note of how seriously you take both your work and your appearance.

The same goes for your workspace. Keep it clean, clear of clutter, and organized. This will not only help you stay more productive, but it gives off a more professional appearance. Remember, do your best, and stay visible. Better days are just around the corner.