Simple Tips to Nail Your Job Interview


When you sit down for a job interview, are you nervous? Do you feel unprepared and afraid that you’re going to say the wrong thing? These feelings, while normal, can be managed.

With the right preparation, anyone can ace a job interview. All you need to do is go in with the right attitude and follow our simple tips for interview success!

Research is Pivotal

One of the central pillars of interview success is doing your research before the interview. Make sure you know a thing or two about the company you’re interviewing with. If you’re unfamiliar with them and what they do, it’ll be difficult to ask any questions of the interviewer. Meanwhile, knowing a bit about the company can show them you’re engaged and interested in what it is they do.

Coming forewarned with knowledge shows your interviewer that you take initiative. By getting a grasp on the company’s public image and goals, you can sell yourself accurately.

After all, the interview is a chance for you to make a good first impression. If you’re able to fit yourself to the image they have for their company, then you’re more likely to be hired.

Know What You Want

This goes hand-in-hand with researching the company: know what you want out of the position you’re applying for. Be prepared to talk salary. Do some research and find out what a competitive pay rate is for the job you’re applying for.

Don’t be shy about telling them what you want! The worst thing they can say is “no”, and this is critical for establishing pay discussions.

Likewise, know where you want to go with the career choice. If a position doesn’t have much upward mobility, it might not be for you. However, if you think this could be a path to a long-lasting and rewarding career, you could mention these aspirations during the interview.

A candidate that sees themselves with a company for a long time can be a huge asset for an interviewer.

Bring Prepared Lists

This goes beyond just bringing your resume. Bring a prepared list of your work references, as well as a list of your prior employment. If you’ve got notable achievements in your past, record them and keep them on hand.

It’s easy to get lost in the moment when you’re trying to impress an interviewer. A list that you can review at a glance helps you to act naturally and impress the interviewer in a more conversational manner. This could be the difference that sets you apart from the competition!