Staying Productive Even When You’re Working Remotely


Let’s face it: working from the office is far from fun. But, that’s kind of the point, right? The office is supposed to be somewhere you come to work. You can focus on the task at hand without the distractions of home slipping in on the periphery. There’s pets, children, your spouse: tons of things at home could be vying for your attention when there’s work you need to do.

A healthy work-life balance actually, you know, balances work with home. That goes both ways, though. It’s hard to have a healthy relationship with work if your home life is constantly interrupting it. That’s why being mindful of your productivity when you’re working from home is such a big deal.

Staying Productive Even When Working Remotely

For some people, the idea of working from home is crazy. How can you work effectively surrounded by the all the distractions of home? There are kids that need attention. There are pets trying to get into mischief. And, most of all, there are all of your various forms of entertainment trying to capture your attention and pull you away from your work.

There’s no one over your shoulder to keep you honest. It’s up to your own discipline to get your work done efficiently and on-time. However, there are some simple ways to really get to the bottom of working effectively even when you’re working remotely. They boil down to a simple adage: keep work where work goes, and keep home where home goes.

Draw a Fine Line

This works best if you have a dedicated space to set aside as an office, but it can even work from a kitchen table or living room. Simply draw a fine line between work and home life. Tell anyone who lives with you what your working hours are. Crate pets, if you need to, in order to focus. Put away anything that could distract you. Video games, books, movies: put them out of sight and buckle down for work.

The last thing you need when you’re working is your favorite website distracting you from your tasks. As such, stay away from any non-work sites during your working hours. This is harder than it sounds, but you need to exercise discipline. Keep yourself focused on your official tasks so you don’t waste valuable work time just goofing off.

Remember: you’re the master of your own space and work. Claim them both, and work your hardest. You’ve got this.