Three Questions YOU Should Ask at a Job Interview


It’s standard practice to go into a job interview prepared to answer any number of questions that may be thrown at you. But keep in mind that asking your own questions is just as important – a job interview goes both ways.

Asking the right questions can also make you stand out as a candidate. Here are a few to consider asking at your next job interview.

Question 1

“For this position, how will you measure success?”

Job descriptions can vary from incredibly specific to incredibly vague. Many times, it’s also a “wish list” of what an ideal candidate would look like. In reality, finding the perfect person for the job is impractical – instead, the company will choose the candidate with the best balance of strengths and traits.

So, cut to the chase and ask exactly how the company will measure success in this position. You may discover that out of those dozen job responsibilities that were listed, two or three of them are critically important. If that’s the case, you can respond by playing to your strengths if they match your skillset.

Question 2

“What differentiated previous people holding this position as very successful?”

Basically, you are asking if there were any previous star-players that held the job you’re going for – and therefore what you are aiming to live up to.

If the bar is set really high because of an excellent previous employee, it’s good to know before taking the position if offered. Find out what made them so great and if you will know what you are up against.

Question 3

“Can I clarify any of my skills or experience that you may have concerns about being a good fit for this position?”

This is your chance to address any shortcomings from your interview up-front. Having the chance to clarify any essential skills or experiences that relate to the job before you walk out the door could be the difference between getting a job offer and not getting a job offer.

It also shows that you can handle criticism and be respectful and mature. It’s a win-win.