When you think about insurance, do you think about the nerdy guy with the pocket protectors and the big black-framed glasses? Maybe you think about Flo, the Progressive lady that sells more than just car insurance. Well, we’re here to tell you – there are a lot more jobs in the insurance industry than you possibly realized, and everyone needs insurance.

An insurance investigator works with insurance companies looking into fraudulent insurance claims. If you like being a detective, going through paperwork looking for where something is false, and putting puzzle pieces together, this is perfect for you.

An insurance actuary is a great career if you like numbers. They look at the cost and benefit of an insurance policy, and figure out what price is right for what situation. This is a very important job, because an actuary doing their job wrong will cause the company to lose money.

Finally, an insurance claim adjuster could be a good job if you like looking at situations like natural disasters, and you want to help others. Adjusters look at an insurance claim and offer payment to the policyholder, whether it’s car insurance, home insurance, or more. This can also be a thankless job, as people are always expecting more than what their insurance covers, so be aware!